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          1. 英語閱讀:一則機場廣播
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            Hello. Passengers of flight 17 bound for Caracas, with stops in Atlanta and Miami. The departure gate has been changed to 30B. Also, there will be a slight departure delay due to inclement1(1)weather outside. The ground crew(2)is in the process of deicing(3) the wings in preparation for departure. It also looks like the flight is slightly overbooked(4), so we are offering complimentary2(5) round-trip tickets to a few passengers willing to take a later flight. We should be boarding(6) about a quarter to the hour. Thank you for your patience.
            Vocabulary and Sample Sentences
            (1)inclement (adjective): severe 
            - The game was canceled due to inclement weather.
            (2)crew (noun): an organized group of workers 
            The ship's crew were very helpful during the cruise3.
            (3)deice (verb): make or become free of frost or ice, defrost 
            - You need to deice the windshield this morning. It dropped below freezing last night.
            (4)overbook (verb): too many seats, for example, have been reserved in advance
            - Airlines tend to overbook seats on their flights which can be an inconvenience to some passengers.
            (5)complimentary (adjective): free, gratuitous4
            This hotel provides a complimentary breakfast for all its guests.
            (6)board (noun): to get on an aircraft, ship, train, bus, etc. 
            - We should board the train at least ten minutes before departure.


            1 inclement 59PxV     
            • The inclement weather brought forth a host of diseases.惡劣的天氣引起了種種疾病。
            • They kept on going,even through the inclement weather.即使天氣惡劣,他們還是執意要去。
            2 complimentary opqzw     
            • She made some highly complimentary remarks about their school.她對他們的學校給予高度的評價。
            • The supermarket operates a complimentary shuttle service.這家超市提供免費購物班車。
            3 cruise 2nhzw     
            • They went on a cruise to Tenerife.他們乘船去特納利夫島。
            • She wants to cruise the canals of France in a barge.她想乘駁船游覽法國的運河。
            4 gratuitous seRz4     
            • His criticism is quite gratuitous.他的批評完全沒有根據。
            • There's too much crime and gratuitous violence on TV.電視里充斥著犯罪和無端的暴力。