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          1. 向同事表達欣賞、感謝和鼓勵時用的句子
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            1. Having you on this team makes a huge difference.
            2. The work you did to improve our customer ratings was fantastic!
            3. It's inspiring to see how you always help new employees get up to speed.
            4. The way you handled last week's crisis with your calm demeanor2 was a game changer.
            5. It's so refreshing3 getting to work with you.
            6. I am continually impressed by your results!
            7. I absolutely love how you handled that customer!
            8. What you have brought to this department the past three months has been invaluable4.
            9. Know that your role is important to our success. We can't improve further without you.
            10. Thank you for always speaking up in team meetings when no one else does.
            11. I'm grateful for your taking on the extra work when no one else stepped up.
            12. Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand.
            13. You've really made a tremendous difference here, and I'm thankful you joined the team.
            14. You've gone above and beyond this week. Please take the rest of the day off.
            15. Thank you for being so flexible. I couldn't have done it without you.
            16. You were instrumental in saving the company from losing one of its best clients.
            17. Just when I thought your work couldn't get any better, you pull that off! Thank you!
            18. Don't worry. I trust your judgment6 on this decision.
            19. I love your great attitude even during this tough phase.
            20. I know how hard this project is, but I just can't imagine working without you.
            21. What can I do to help?
            22. Thank you for being so flexible.
            23. Is there anything any of us can do to help?
            24. You are one of the most reliable employees I've ever had. I believe in you.
            25. Even with your loss, I was blown away by your work ethic7 this week.
            26. Know that we're here for you. Just ask us anything.
            27. I just want to let you know how much you mean to the team.
            28. That was my fault. You deserve better.


            1 appreciation Pv9zs     
            • I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you all.我想對你們所有人表達我的感激和謝意。
            • I'll be sending them a donation in appreciation of their help.我將送給他們一筆捐款以感謝他們的幫助。
            2 demeanor JmXyk     
            • She is quiet in her demeanor.她舉止文靜。
            • The old soldier never lost his military demeanor.那個老軍人從來沒有失去軍人風度。
            3 refreshing HkozPQ     
            • I find it'so refreshing to work with young people in this department.我發現和這一部門的青年一起工作令人精神振奮。
            • The water was cold and wonderfully refreshing.水很涼,特別解乏提神。
            4 invaluable s4qxe     
            • A computer would have been invaluable for this job.一臺計算機對這個工作的作用會是無法估計的。
            • This information was invaluable to him.這個消息對他來說是非常寶貴的。
            5 gratitude p6wyS     
            • I have expressed the depth of my gratitude to him.我向他表示了深切的謝意。
            • She could not help her tears of gratitude rolling down her face.她感激的淚珠禁不住沿著面頰流了下來。
            6 judgment e3xxC     
            • The chairman flatters himself on his judgment of people.主席自認為他審視人比別人高明。
            • He's a man of excellent judgment.他眼力過人。
            7 ethic ziGz4     
            • They instilled the work ethic into their children.他們在孩子們的心中注入了職業道德的理念。
            • The connotation of education ethic is rooted in human nature's mobility.教育倫理的內涵根源于人本性的變動性。
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