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          1. 研究:發短信有助戒煙
            文章來源:未知 文章作者:enread 發布時間:2018-12-21 08:22 字體: [ ]  進入論壇
            A study by Chinese researchers shows that texting could help smokers1 quit smoking.
            The study published in the journal PLOS Medicine on Tuesday showed that among smokers who received a 12-week-long mobile phone-based intervention2, 6.5 percent stopped smoking by the end of the study.
            The researchers from the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University in China said the intervention could have greater reach and higher feasibility than in-person treatments.
            It has great potential to improve population health and should be considered for large-scale use in China, according to the study.
            They conducted a randomized controlled trial across China from August 2016 to May 2017, recruiting 1,369 adult smokers. Participants were randomly3 assigned to a 12-week intervention consisting of either high-frequency or low-frequency messaging, or to a control group that received text messages unrelated to quitting.
            The text messages were aimed at improving self-efficacy and behavioral capability4 for quitting, according to the study.
            Twelve weeks later, 6.5 percent of them in the high-frequency group had quit smoking, while 6 percent in the low-frequency group had also given up the habit. 1.9 percent of people in the control group quit smoking.
            China has the highest global prevalence of cigarette smokers, accounting5 for more than 40 percent of the total cigarette consumption in the world.


            1 smokers d3e72c6ca3bac844ba5aa381bd66edba     
            吸煙者( smoker的名詞復數 )
            • Many smokers who are chemically addicted to nicotine cannot cut down easily. 許多有尼古丁癮的抽煙人不容易把煙戒掉。
            • Chain smokers don't care about the dangers of smoking. 煙鬼似乎不在乎吸煙帶來的種種危害。
            2 intervention e5sxZ     
            • The government's intervention in this dispute will not help.政府對這場爭論的干預不會起作用。
            • Many people felt he would be hostile to the idea of foreign intervention.許多人覺得他會反對外來干預。
            3 randomly cktzBM     
            • Within the hot gas chamber, molecules are moving randomly in all directions. 在灼熱的氣體燃燒室內,分子在各個方向上作無規運動。 來自辭典例句
            • Transformed cells are loosely attached, rounded and randomly oriented. 轉化細胞則不大貼壁、圓縮并呈雜亂分布。 來自辭典例句
            4 capability JsGzZ     
            • She has the capability to become a very fine actress.她有潛力成為杰出演員。
            • Organizing a whole department is beyond his capability.組織整個部門是他能力以外的事。
            5 accounting nzSzsY     
            • A job fell vacant in the accounting department.財會部出現了一個空缺。
            • There's an accounting error in this entry.這筆賬目里有差錯。
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