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          1. 研究:低碳水化合物飲食會縮減壽命
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            Cutting carbohydrates1 might also cut lifespan by up to four years, according to a new medical study.
            The peer-reviewed research published in the medical journal "The Lancet Public Health" suggests low and high-carb diets could shorten life, and diets including some carbs could promote a healthy lifespan.
            The study analyzed3 self-reported data from more than 15,400 middle-aged4 Americans who participated in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study. The dietary patterns researchers found were compared against additional studies that included 432,000 people in more than 20 countries.
            Researchers concluded that people who ate a moderate amount of carbohydrates lived four years longer than those with low-carbohydrate2 consumption and one year longer than those who ate a lot of carbohydrates.
            Low-carb diets were defined as less than 40 percent of calories from carbohydrates and high-carb diets were more than 70 percent of calories.
            "Our data suggests that animal-based low carbohydrate diets, which are prevalent in North America and Europe, might be associated with shorter overall life span and should be discouraged."
            Researchers observed that people who replaced carbohydrates with protein and fat from animals had a higher risk of early death compared to those who replaced carbohydrates with plant-based foods.
            "These findings bring together several strands5 that have been controversial. Too much and too little carbohydrate can be harmful but what counts most is the type of fat, protein, and carbohydrate."
            Self-reported data can be flawed, because it relies on the subject's memory. Another limitation of the study: Diets were measured only twice during the 25-year study period, at the start of the study and again six years later.


            1 carbohydrates 001f0186d1ea717492c413ca718f2635     
            n.碳水化合物,糖類( carbohydrate的名詞復數 );淀粉質或糖類食物
            • The plant uses the carbohydrates to make cellulose. 植物用碳水化合物制造纖維素。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
            • All carbohydrates originate from plants. 所有的碳水化合物均來自植物。 來自辭典例句
            2 carbohydrate FTPy0     
            • You should not have too much carbohydrate in your diet.你日常飲食中不該有過多碳水化合物。
            • Cashew nuts are rich in carbohydrate.腰果含豐富碳水化合物。
            3 analyzed 483f1acae53789fbee273a644fdcda80     
            v.分析( analyze的過去式和過去分詞 );分解;解釋;對…進行心理分析
            • The doctors analyzed the blood sample for anemia. 醫生們分析了貧血的血樣。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
            • The young man did not analyze the process of his captivation and enrapturement, for love to him was a mystery and could not be analyzed. 這年輕人沒有分析自己蠱惑著迷的過程,因為對他來說,愛是個不可分析的迷。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
            4 middle-aged UopzSS     
            • I noticed two middle-aged passengers.我注意到兩個中年乘客。
            • The new skin balm was welcome by middle-aged women.這種新護膚香膏受到了中年婦女的歡迎。
            5 strands d184598ceee8e1af7dbf43b53087d58b     
            n.(線、繩、金屬線、毛發等的)股( strand的名詞復數 );縷;海洋、湖或河的)岸;(觀點、計劃、故事等的)部份v.使滯留,使擱淺( strand的第三人稱單數 )
            • Twist a length of rope from strands of hemp. 用幾股麻搓成了一段繩子。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
            • She laced strands into a braid. 她把幾股線編織成一根穗帶。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
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