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          1. 英語科普:鯨魚不是魚
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            Whale is the common name for various marine1 mammals of the order Cetacea. Whales breathe air and are not fish. They are mammals that spend their entire lives in the water. Whales are of two types: toothehed (Odontoceti) and balleen (Mysticeti) whales.
            The anatomy2 of whales can be described as follows:
            Like all mammals, whales breathe air,
            They are warm-blooded,
            They nurse their young with milk from mammary glands3,
            They have body hair.
            Beneath the skin lies a layer of fat called blubber, which stores energy and insulates the body.
            Whales have a spinal4 column, a vestigial pelvic bone,
            Whales have a four-chambered heart.
            The neck vertebrae are typically fused, trading flexibility5 for stability during swimming.
            Whales breathe via blowholes; baleen6 whales have two and toothed whales have one. These are located on the top of the head, allowing the animal to remain almost completely submerged whilst breathing. Breathing involves expelling excess water from the blowhole, forming an upward spout7, followed by inhaling8 air into the lungs. Spout shapes differ among species and can help with identification.
            The largest whales are blue whales. In fact, the blue whale is the largest animal known to have ever existed at 30 m (98 ft) and 180 tonnes. These huge animals eat about 4 tons of tiny krill each day, obtained by filter feeding through baleen, a comb-like structure that filters the baleen whales' food from the water.


            1 marine 77Izo     
            • Marine creatures are those which live in the sea. 海洋生物是生存在海里的生物。
            • When the war broke out,he volunteered for the Marine Corps.戰爭爆發時,他自愿參加了海軍陸戰隊。
            2 anatomy Cwgzh     
            • He found out a great deal about the anatomy of animals.在動物解剖學方面,他有過許多發現。
            • The hurricane's anatomy was powerful and complex.對颶風的剖析是一項龐大而復雜的工作。
            3 glands 82573e247a54d4ca7619fbc1a5141d80     
            n.腺( gland的名詞復數 )
            • a snake's poison glands 蛇的毒腺
            • the sebaceous glands in the skin 皮脂腺
            4 spinal KFczS     
            • After three days in Japan,the spinal column becomes extraordinarily flexible.在日本三天,就已經使脊椎骨變得富有彈性了。
            • Your spinal column is made up of 24 movable vertebrae.你的脊柱由24個活動的脊椎骨構成。
            5 flexibility vjPxb     
            • Her great strength lies in her flexibility.她的優勢在于她靈活變通。
            • The flexibility of a man's muscles will lessen as he becomes old.人老了肌肉的柔韌性將降低。
            6 baleen ZPey2     
            • Other baleen whales have splash guards too,but not like this.一些須鯨物種頭頂也有護住噴水孔的構造,但并不長成這樣。
            • Baleen whales often appear in this region. Be careful!這一帶經常有須鯨出沒,要注意安全啊。
            7 spout uGmzx     
            • Implication in folk wealth creativity and undertaking vigor spout.蘊藏于民間的財富創造力和創業活力噴涌而出。
            • This acts as a spout to drain off water during a rainstorm.在暴風雨季,這東西被用作噴管來排水。
            8 inhaling 20098cce0f51e7ae5171c97d7853194a     
            v.吸入( inhale的現在分詞 )
            • He was treated for the effects of inhaling smoke. 他因吸入煙塵而接受治療。 來自辭典例句
            • The long-term effects of inhaling contaminated air is unknown. 長期吸入被污染空氣的影響還無從知曉。 來自互聯網
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